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  • US$ 32.40
    US$ 45.00



    Good quality 11.4V 4200mAh Battery For Hubsan Zino Drone. Very quick shipping. Reliable packing.
    Service: Ok. thanks.
  • US$ 26.78
    US$ 31.50



    Thank you. I received the battery on 10/3. Relatively quickly I can say
    Service: Ok. You are welcome.
  • US$ 15.30
    US$ 18.00



    These batteries are great and dramatically increases the flight time over the standard batteries. The battery life on the Visio xs812 were its only letdown!Thanks
    Service: Thanks for your review.
  • US$ 8.50
    US$ 10.00



    I bought a pair of these 1200 mAh cells for use in an Echines E58 drone. The cells worked well and added an additional 5 minutes and 15 seconds of flight time to the 8 minutes 41 seconds that the stock 600 mAh cell provided. The next test was to cycle them on a Powerlab 8 battery tester. With the test parameters set to mimic the way the cells are used in a drone, the tester measured the cell capacities at 1000 mAh each rather than the labeled 1200. It should be noted that lower charge and discharge levels will result in higher measured capacities.
    Service: thanks.

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